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January 11, 2012

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Abebooks is a Nifty little website that I have came across during my last few years of college. AbeBooks.com is one of those wonderful text book websites that allows you to buy and sell used text books at greatly discounted rates. The website for me was very easy to use and navigate with an advanced search, a decent browse menu, a forum community, and a textbook section that allows you to sell books.

There are a lot of interesting features on this site such as becoming a professional bookseller. This feature requires a small subscription fee, but it makes it really easy to expose your book inventory to millions of visitors without the drama of ranking a website, the issues of  listing on eBay, or other web auctions where you have no idea what is going to happen with them. You could always use a Abebooks Coupon to get free postage either way, even toCanada,Australia,New Zealand, or anywhere in theUK!

The nice thing too is that if you’re not a professional bookseller you have the ability to sell just a few books. This option is where you’re not actually selling the books to AbeBooks.com but you are selling the books just a few books through their website. One really cool aspect of this feature is that you are allowed to sell the books using free shipping provided through the website.

The rare book section is always a treat. I enjoy just looking at the rare books to see how much they sell for. Hoping one day that I will see a book that is in my library go for over $50,000 so I can make a little money one day too!  If you were to ever see these books for sale at bookfever you would be able to save money on a book using a AbeBooks Coupon.

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