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November 12, 2011

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Walking through the playground they call an office can get dicey when you’re tripping over mountain bikes of all shapes, sizes, and disciplines. They wouldn’t have it any other way. HucknRoll is a tight crew of straitjacket-worthy dirt obsessives, and their only aim is enabling your long, flowy singletrack, grueling climbs, shuttle runs, white-knuckle descents, tail whips, 24-hour races, laps before work, and weekend dirt-jump sessions. Their squad of UBI-certified, free-range organic bike mechanics is straight lunatic about two-wheeled motion…so don’t be surprised if you find a drool stain or two on your spankin’ new Santa Cruz or Rocky Mountain (comes right off with a damp paper towel). Take a look around—you’ll see nothing but the highest quality bikes, frames, components, and riding gear, and that’s all you will ever pull out of a HucknRoll box. If you find it there, they stand behind it, because they beat the hell out of it.