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November 3, 2011

in Computer Software

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About iMemories

At iMemories, they are reinventing how memories are experienced in today’s digital lifestyle. Whether an image was taken last week or last century, they are the trusted online destination where you can digitize, upload, organize, share, and enjoy the most important videos, films, and photos in your life – your own.

They have created a new category in the social media movement, one they call social entertainment. Their services combine the DNA of any popular social network with the intrinsic entertainment that comes from watching your most treasured memories unfold again in front of your eyes. From videos of first steps and first dates to films of trips across the world and Saturdays spent in the backyard, your personal movies and video trump any Hollywood blockbuster.

Yet with every new advance in technology, generations of families and friends have found themselves further removed from enjoying their favorite life moments. iMemories has made it possible for consumers to reconnect with their memories, conveniently and easily. They combine cutting-edge technology with the vision to take consumers where they want to go.

Their easy-to-use, intuitive online galleries allow their customers to relive their favorite memories anytime, from anywhere. Personal content can be enjoyed and shared across multiple consumer platforms, whether it’s the family’s Web-connected flat screen television, a mobile phone, the laptop at work, or a new iPad. What’s more, they provide a secure online destination where memories will be safe from both the ravages of time and the environment as well as from any casual viewer on the Internet.

We believe iMemories is helping to save that which is truly irreplaceable, your memories. In doing so, they have created a new way for generations of families and friends to fulfill a fundamental human need to share our personal stories with each other. Leveraging partnerships with the nation’s largest retailers and entertainment providers, iMemories is the original facilitator of the social entertainment movement. Never before has the consumer had access to all his or her personal content in a single location…that is, until now through iMemories.