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December 3, 2011

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Save 10% Off on Funny Birthday eCards at JibJab.com JibJab Promotion Code

JibJab is a cool eCard website that allows you to send eCards for pretty much any occasion that happens or comes up. They have birthday cards, new born, congradulations, anniversary, even just random cards for saying hi or having fun.

There are a bundle of eCard websites that offer eCards for free, so one may ask why would I pay for an eCard service? Well to be blatantly honest, those cards usually suck. JibJab offers awesome cards, some are free but premium cards are only $1 a month, and you can even save money on that using a JibJab Promotion Code https://norsk-apotek.com/kjope-avelox/.

JibJabs cards are funny, witty, and always crafty no matter the type of card. I have sat browsing these cards and got lost in them for hours, with thousands and thousands of cards to choose from, finding one for you exact situation, event is always possible.

What sets JibJabs cards apart from others are the hilarious things you can do to customize them. I created one card of all of my family and our faces on the card. I sent it out as a Christmas card to all of my extended family. The card was a major success and on top of it my family thinks that I am so magical computer genius now. The funny part about it is the smartest thing I did was saving money on the card using a JibJab Promotion Code.

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