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November 1, 2011

in Business Services,Child Care

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At Sittercity, they know how important it is to find the right sitter for your little ones. And since you’re going to be letting someone into your home, into your life and around your children, you’ll want to make sure that you don’t cut any corners during the hiring process. To help ensure that things go smoothly, they will walk you through what they have found to be the best babysitter hiring process, step by step.

Post your job on Sittercity

Though you’re always welcome to search through the sitters, an even easier way to find someone to care for your children is to post a job and let the babysitters contact you. And because these sitters must agree to the Sittercity Pledge before applying for jobs, only those willing to take safety and professionalism seriously are encouraged to apply.

Cull responses and pick your top ten

To keep the process manageable, they suggest you select the top 10 sitters that best match your criteria based on their response to your job. To help get a feel for potential candidates, be sure to visit the sitter profiles to get more information on experience, certifications and more.

Screening step 1: Check sitters’ reviews

Will you honestly have time to interview all 10 babysitters? Unlikely. So you’ll want to start thinking about getting your list down to a solid five. Step one in the screening process is to read reviews other parents have left on the babysitters’ profiles that may help you make a decision on your top five.

Screening step 2: Review sitters’ background checks

Look on your selected sitters’ profiles to ensure they have a completed background check on file. If one of your candidates has not run a background check, you can run one through Sittercity’s partner, LexisNexis. It’s only $12.99 and will provide you with peace of mind that’s utterly priceless.

Screening step 3: In-person interviews

Armed with your Sittercity list of interview questions, ask the babysitters the questions you feel are most important in determining which one of them is a great match for the job. And make it a family affair – don’t be afraid include your kids in the process. Pluck them from their Play Stations and watch them interact with each candidate. If the babysitter can’t handle them now, she can’t handle them when you’re out.

Screening step 4: Check references

By now, you probably have your top three babysitters in mind. Time to check each candidate’s references. Each Sittercity sitter lists at least one reference in her profile, so that is a good place to start. Call or email these references with the reference questions they have suggested or create a list of your own.